Startup Development

We take your startup to a higher level.

Together we develop your business plan

We take a fresh look, put the status quo to the test and raise the bar within your market. Through thorough research and a fundamental understanding of both user and business needs, we create insights and breakthroughs that help you identify what you need to focus on. We will use our knowledge from other sectors to inspire us to reach a higher level.


Startup development: realising your idea

You are that innovative entrepreneur with that good idea. We are your partner to make your dream come true. By organising financing, senior entrepreneurship or providing high-quality knowledge and IT development in the field of Telecom or Internet. Sping can help you with the business plan and marketing of your product or service. Through us you will be put in contact with an extensive professional network of banks, private investors or investment companies.

Innovating, creating value and having fun

Sping’s philosophy is that we like to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and that openness and cooperation come first. Through transparency and openness, we both know where we stand in advance. On several occasions Sping has successfully started up businesses. We therefore know the ups and downs of a start-up. Our three main drivers are innovation, creating value and having fun.

Our criteria

In order to step into a subsequent venture, Sping uses a number of criteria that the entrepreneur(s) or company must meet:

  1. “Real” entrepreneurs / experienced management team with ambition, realism and dedication
  2. Innovative, scalable and robust technology and products
  3. Clear value proposition and go-to-market strategy
  4. Realistic and scalable business model (preferably also international)
  5. Rapidly growing market
  6. Distinctive power
  7. Possibility of concluding strategic partnerships
  8. Relationship with internet and/or telecom
  9. Pleasant, open cooperation with entrepreneurs

Grow consists of this even more

Startup Development

We create insights through thorough research and a fundamental understanding of both user and business needs.

Support as a Service

We keep an eye on this with active monitoring. Should something go wrong, our engineers are immediately ready.

Conversion optimization

We optimize your platform with user behavior insights.

Amazon web services

Because you only pay for what you use, the solution is scalable and affordable.

Check Learn and Build as well

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By validating technical, design- and data-driven ideas, we design the best solutions for companies and their users. This is how we create maximum business value.



With a multidisciplinary agile team, we work in sprints towards digital products, online platforms and/or mobile apps. After that, we remain involved in the development.