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Client: Kolibrie Next

Kolibrie Next: Online employment agency

We have created an employment platform for employers and employees with which Kolibrie Next can distinguish itself in the market by the simplicity, speed and convenience of service.

Client: Share2Use

IONIQ car sharing

“Make it ridiculously easy to rent a car”. That was the challenge we got three months before the launch of IONIQ car sharing; An on-demand, free-floating car sharing service.

Client: Waterdrinker

B2B e-commerce platform

Waterdrinker asked us to build a custom and mobile-friendly e-Commerce B2B platform so that their different customer groups could easily buy flowers, plants and accessories online.

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  • Full Service Agency. Strategy, Design, Development & Support.
  • Targeted, attractive and refreshing software
  • Use-oriented thinking
  • Gradually working towards a Minimum Viable Product


We specialize in digital product design, strategy and implementation. We are focused on offering outstanding user-experience and 24/7 support.

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With 26+ wizards, we are nice and small, have no unnecessary meetings and next to no hierarchy. You get a lot of freedom and responsibility, but you have to be able to handle that. That's why we only want the very best!