With a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) you find out if your idea is technically feasible and if it will be successful.

Quickly find out if your idea is feasible

A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) is a method to test the feasibility of an idea or technology. Is quickly lets you know if your idea works or not. This way, you significantly reduce the risk of failure. As soon as the feasibility has been proven, the PoC will be expanded to (a part of) an finished product.

When do you need a PoC?
– Complex integrations to third-party services
– Migrations of large datasets in live products
– Exploring new technologies
– Delivering proof that your concept works


How do we help you grow?

With a Proof of Concept, you will find out if your idea is feasible if if fits your end-users´ needs, and if it can be successful. A concept is made which can be in the shape of a prototype. By doing so, we´ll be able to explore new technologies and find out what works and what doesn´t.

Using the PoC method, you make your idea more concrete and increase the chance of success. This also convinces your investors of your chance of success at an early time.

Tips for a Proof-of-concept

Get the most out of your PoC by using it extensively. Make sure someone is ontop of it and let them evaluate it on time. Next to that, a short implementation is crucial, otherwise you can spend too much time on technology that ends up not working. It´s also important to set a test-goal to make processes more effective. It needs to be clear what needs goals need to be reached and you need to review if your goals are met. Afterwards, you can strategically plan your next steps based on results.

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With a Proof of Concept you find out whether your idea is technically feasible and can be successful.

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