Support as a Service

We give your platform and apps all the attention they need to remain stable, secure and up-to-date.

Always available, stable, secure and up-to-date

As soon as your online platform or apps go live, Sping Support provides support and maintenance. Through active monitoring, we are always aware of availability, performance and disruptions. When calamities occur, we intervene and ensure that they are resolved. We provide short and direct lines of communication between all parties involved and suppliers. In this way we ensure continuity, stability and availability that suits your service.

Also as-a-Service.

Support at Sping is also available as a Service. This is useful if your platform or app is no longer supported by the original vendor or developer. For this you pay a fixed amount for the intake, and a monthly fixed amount for support and maintenance. Would you like to further develop your platform or app? We are happy to help you with that.


Welke dienstverlening biedt Sping Support?

  • 24/7 accessibility;
  • Active monitoring of applications and infrastructure;
  • Recovery in the event of incidents and disruptions with guaranteed resolution times;
  • Preventive maintenance for updates and upgrades;
  • Chain management in more complex chains with multiple IT parties;
  • Reports on incidents and performance;
  • Pro-active advice for optimisations;
  • Further development;
  • Support As a Service for platforms and apps not developed by us.

Grow consists of this even more

Startup Development

We create insights through thorough research and a fundamental understanding of both user and business needs.

Support as a Service

We keep an eye on this with active monitoring. Should something go wrong, our engineers are immediately ready.

Conversion optimization

We optimize your platform with user behavior insights.

Amazon web services

Because you only pay for what you use, the solution is scalable and affordable.

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