Do you want to keep your digital products up-to-date and continuously improve?
With Grow we ensure continuity, optimization and growth.

Launching is just the beginning

The design, development and launch of new digital products is just the beginning. Sping’s Grow program focuses on continuity and improvement. We offer 24/7 support and fast recovery of issues. We also ensure that we keep your products up-to-date with maintenance. We also collect feedback from users and set up dashboards to measure and improve performance. We optimize your product through online experiments.

Our Grow program

Support as a Service

An online platform and apps need attention to stay stable, safe and up-to-date. Whether it was developed by us or not. Our support team is available 24/7 for questions. With active monitoring, they keep a finger on the pulse for optimal performance and resolving disruptions. Safety and continuity are assured with maintenance.

Platform optimizations

After an initial launch, ideas and insights for improvement arise. Through feedback loops and tests with users, we help to optimize the user experience, performance and conversion of your platform based on data and analysis.


Startup development

You are that innovative entrepreneur with that good idea. We are your partner to make your dream come true. By organizing financing, senior entrepreneurship or providing high-quality knowledge and IT development.

Also see: Learn & Build


Listening, learning, testing, and validation are at the heart of Learn. By validating technical, design- and data-driven ideas, we create the best solutions for companies and their users. As a result, we maximize business value.

  • Digital strategy
  • Design sprints
  • Design research
  • Proof of concept
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We work in iterations towards the realization of your product. By measuring, testing, and adjusting quickly, we create maximum impact.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Agile Design & Development
  • Commerce Solutions
  • Multi-Sided Platforms
  • Spryker Commerce OS
  • Open Source Technology
  • Virtual Reality for business
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