Virtual Reality for business

VR adds value to innovation and digitisation within your company.

Unprecedented possibilities with VR

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination. We have found that Virtual Reality can provide real added value for various business applications. This technique has only just come around the corner and that makes it extra special.

vrouw met vr headset

Virtual Factory Tour

We made a Virtual Factory Tour for Perfetti van Melle. Known from Mentos, Chup-a-Chups and Fruitella, this organisation has factories all over the world where the confectionery is produced. The employees responsible for this travel all over the world to follow the necessary training courses. This allows them to apply the theory in the factory(s) and meet the requirements of site surveys and auditing protocols and procedures.

With our Virtual Factory Tour, these employees can now practice theory and practice from anywhere in the world!

The innovative application with Virtual Reality earned us a nomination for Emerce DIA (Dutch Interactive Award) in the digital transformation category.

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VR is used for these purposes

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour can have different purposes. This way you can easily show how beautiful your office is, but just like Perfetti van Melle you can also use it to train ‘on location’.

Training courses

Did you know that soldiers and pilots are already trained by VR? Meanwhile, there are also more and more regular companies that use VR to train their staff.

Sales & Marketing

VR is used as a sales tool on, for example, the brokerage platform. Funda. At Funda it has been possible for some time to place 360 degree photos of your house. How cool is it to be able to enjoy your upcoming view?


The disadvantage of ringing? You cannot see each other. With Skype you can see each other, but you still notice that there is a partial lack of contact. VR technology makes remote consultation even more effective.

Online Shopping

Online shopping will change thanks to VR, in particular the way products and services are offered. Imagine seeing your new car this way!


Product development in a VR environment makes it possible to get a better experience of your design before you have it developed. This saves both cost and time.

Also innovating with VR?

With our whitepaper we inform and inspire you what Virtual Reality can do for your company.

Build consists even more of this

Agile Design and Development

A full cycle of planning, design, development, testing and rollout takes place every 2 weeks.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Create a new ecosystem through interactions and transactions from different groups on your platform.

Commerce Solutions

We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment.

Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker Commerce OS is a state of the art modular platform to build your custom solution.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps with an eye for user experience and future-proofing.

Open Source Technology

You are not bound to a technology for a standard product with a clearly defined roadmap.

Virtual Reality for Business

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination.

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