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What is Spryker?

Spryker Commerce OS is a state-of-the-art modular platform to build your custom commerce solution with. It enables fast and flexible innovation and leads the way in modular, headless and API-based commerce.

With increasingly complex customer journeys and an increasing number of devices, Spryker helps companies interact with customers through every conceivable point of contact: online shop, mobile apps, Internet of Things, Blockchain, chatbot and voice integrations. Spryker offers an answer for these companies.

Sping is Spryker Solution Partner.

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The advantages of Spryker


Modulair Innovating

With approximately 600+ modules you build an e-commerce platform that scales around your company. This increases flexibility, time-2-market and control to create a tailored e-commerce platform. The system can therefore be easily expanded, with new functions being implemented quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Data on orders, stock and hundreds of other related events are exchanged asynchronously and independently, eliminating bottlenecks in the system. Individual modules are not dependent on other processes to complete their work.

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Data Driven

Measuring and analysing user behaviour and optimising conversion has become essential. As a basis for business intelligence, Spryker offers an integrated data warehouse that collects all data from different areas for further analysis. In addition, Spryker easily integrates with leading (web) analytics tools.


Customer Centric and Personalized

The combination of a headless/API-first architecture and the way in which data is processed ensures that every visitor gets a personalised experience. The Spryker Commerce OS is suitable for responsive websites, mobile devices and mobile native apps.

When to choose Spryker Commerce OS?

Are you a medium-sized, ambitious (omni-channel) company or a fast-growing marketplace? In various industries, companies choose Spryker as their Commerce Solution for replication and innovation. If you recognise yourself in the following points, Spryker might be your solution:

  • The current commerce platform shows a lack of performance, speed and flexibility.
  • It takes too long and becomes too complex to make changes on the current platform.
  • There is a need for an MVP approach where the choice for functionality and innovation is driven by data, hypothesis and A/B testing.
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An example of a Spryker solution

“The repeated extension of such a monolithic system is akin to buying a car – and turning it into a truck. And in the future the vehicle should also be able to float and fly”. – Lekkerland | Rainer Breidenbach, Head of Digital Product Management.

An example of a Spryker customer is Lekkerland. Lekkerland offers maximum convenience for customers: it only takes a few clicks to get through the B2B checkout. Lekkerland is a specialist for on-the-go consumption in Europe. Customers of Lekkerland include petrol stations, kiosks and quick-service restaurants.

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This is how Spryker works

Spryker’s architecture is based on a strict separation of back-end and front-end apps. The latterarchitectural system can function completely independently without the use of cache memories for loading/generating an entire page.

The core functions have a modular structure, each with its own versions and repositories. The modules form lean components that are flexibly adaptable and can therefore be used and updated independently of each other. The back-end stores all data as a ‘single point of truth’ and delivers it with high performance and security.

Interested in Spryker Commerce OS?

Spryker is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms available to create personalised customer experiences. However, it is not an ‘off-the-shelf shop’ and therefore not suitable for every company. It is a framework/OS which requires in-depth technical support for development, implementation, integration and configuration. This is where cooperation with an experienced digital partner such as Sping comes into play. Our working method and e-commerce technologies are the basis for a successful B2B e-commerce platform. We realize this with open source customization and with the modulair e-commerce OS of Spryker.

What suits you best? Make an appointment and we will be happy to advise you!

Build consists even more of this

Agile Design and Development

A full cycle of planning, design, development, testing and rollout takes place every 2 weeks.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Create a new ecosystem through interactions and transactions from different groups on your platform.

Commerce Solutions

We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment.

Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker Commerce OS is a state of the art modular platform to build your custom solution.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps with an eye for user experience and future-proofing.

Open Source Technology

You are not bound to a technology for a standard product with a clearly defined roadmap.

Virtual Reality for Business

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination.

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