Mobiele App development

We design and develop native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Distinctive functionality.
Happy users.
Better business.

Our in-house iOS and Android developers have built several native and hybrid apps. Check out our cases. From car-sharing platforms to payroll app that bring employer and employee closer together. We are a trustworthy digital partner and think along with your digital strategy. We build apps with an eye for the best user experience and technology choice.

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App development technologies we use

The choice of technology for building an app is the key to its success. We also look at the amount of maintenance the different technologies require. Sping uses the best technology that fits the goal of the app and its user experience, while keeping the planning in mind.

  • Backend: Ruby, NodeJS & Firebase
  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Java & Kotlin
  • Cross-platform: React Native

Want to develop a mobile app?

There is a lot involved in having a mobile app made, we understand that better than anyone else. You have to make choices about strategy, functionality, user experience, technology, and maintenance. With our learn, build, and grow program we help you to make the best choices from idea to realization.

Want to start? So read our article about what to think about before you have an app made.

We make mobile apps for

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Kolibrie Next

Sping has created a temporary employment platform for employers and employees with which Kolibrie Next can distinguish itself in the market through the simplicity, speed, and convenience of the service.

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Fetch Car Sharing

With Fetch car sharing you can rent one of the hundred shared cars in Amsterdam since 10 January 2019 directly via the Fetch app.

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Perfetti van Melle VR training

In partnership with BoldlyXR, we have created an immersive educational VR experience using 360º video and an interactive training program.

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Build consists even more of this

Agile Design and Development

A full cycle of planning, design, development, testing and rollout takes place every 2 weeks.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Create a new ecosystem through interactions and transactions from different groups on your platform.

Commerce Solutions

We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment.

Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker Commerce OS is a state of the art modular platform to build your custom solution.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps with an eye for user experience and future-proofing.

Open Source Technology

You are not bound to a technology for a standard product with a clearly defined roadmap.

Virtual Reality for Business

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination.

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Door technische, design- en datagedreven ideeën te valideren, ontwerpen wij de beste oplossingen voor bedrijven en hun gebruikers. Zo creëren we maximale businesswaarde.

De Co-founders van sping


We meten en testen de resultaten om prestaties te verbeteren. We zorgen er met onderhoud en updates voor dat jouw digitale product optimaal blijft presteren. Wij ondersteunen je met support.