B2B e-commerce solutions

Platform choice and customer experience are the key success factors for B2B e-commerce.

An excellent omni-channel experience is not a luxury, but a necessity.

We are specialists in the field of platform development and replatforming of B2B e-commerce. We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment. This is a recurring process that is constantly repeating itself. We do this with a strong focus on customer experience. Offering an excellent omni-channel experience is no longer a luxury nowadays, but a necessity. Read here how we have created Commerce solutions for our customers Waterdrinker and VinylExpress. We also realise open source customisation with Spryker’s modular Commerce OS.


Successful B2B e-commerce stands or falls with the right platform

Choosing the right platform for replatforming helps you to cost-effectively develop new services and be ready for a rapidly changing future. In order to make a difference, you cannot only compete on price or product range. A purchase process is often complex and involves intensive contact between both parties.

A good customer experience and service are essential to attract and retain customers. Both online and offline. They expect seamless cooperation between all channels (omni-channel) and a frictionless purchasing process.

Optimal digitization of the customer experience cycle


When orienting, it is important to support customers with advice and selection tools. There must be optimal cooperation between web, app, sales and services desk. Also called omnichannel. Finally, offering product suggestions here is very valuable.


One trend in the area of purchasing is to offer support to different users with different roles and rights. You can simplify complex purchasing processes or ensure that orders remain stored. Finally, you optimise prices in terms of customer differentiation, offer various payment options and provide up-to-date and real-time data.


There are many trends in fulfilment, such as: different ways of order processing, links with stock management and real-time stock status per location and specific solutions for fresh goods with limited shelf life.

Angles of incidence for replatforming

In innovation, change and replication, it is logical that different stakeholders are involved. Each with its own considerations and criteria. Whether you want to develop a completely new concept, replace an existing webshop solution or improve something: Sping is there for you in terms of strategy, design, development, maintenance and optimisation.

Stakeholder management: we help you on your way.


Consists of the use of futureproof technology and platform choices, product and portfolio management and conversion rate optimisation.

Control, management and operations

Examples are uptime, performance and service level management, service & support and data warehousing and data management.

OPEX/CAPEX management

This consists of budgeting, investments and all cost of ownership, contact, license and software asset management.

Build consists even more of this

Agile Design and Development

A full cycle of planning, design, development, testing and rollout takes place every 2 weeks.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Create a new ecosystem through interactions and transactions from different groups on your platform.

Commerce Solutions

We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment.

Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker Commerce OS is a state of the art modular platform to build your custom solution.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps with an eye for user experience and future-proofing.

Open Source Technology

You are not bound to a technology for a standard product with a clearly defined roadmap.

Virtual Reality for Business

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination.

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Door technische, design- en datagedreven ideeën te valideren, ontwerpen wij de beste oplossingen voor bedrijven en hun gebruikers. Zo creëren we maximale businesswaarde.

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We meten en testen de resultaten om prestaties te verbeteren. We zorgen er met onderhoud en updates voor dat jouw digitale product optimaal blijft presteren. Wij ondersteunen je met support.