Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the largest cloud platform in the world.
Sping is solution partner with certified professionals.

AWS: not just any cloud platform

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is not just any cloud platform: because you only pay for what you consume, the solution is scalable and affordable. You can increase or decrease the capacity of the cloud at any time, depending on your needs. This makes the platform interesting for both the smallest entrepreneurs and multinationals.

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Specialised in migration

We are specialised in the migration from existing platforms, which is carried out by our certified professionals. First, these professionals look at the current infrastructure. Then they look at the data to be transferred and how the new Amazon Web Services platform should be set up. Of course, entirely according to your own wishes. After setting up the software, we carry out extensive tests and only switch over when everything is working properly.

We have been working with Amazon Web Services for a number of years to develop multi-sided platforms. You can imagine that during a migration – from your existing infrastructure to AWS – you have visitors on your multi-sided platform. That is a valuable visit and you do not want to lose it! We understand that. Our strength therefore lies in migrating without downtime. This ensures a seamless transition.


We use the following Amazon Web Services production tools: Elasticache, RDS, ElasticSearch Service, EC2, Elastic Block Store, S3, Virtual Private Cloud, VPN and Simple Email Service.


We use the following Amazon Web Services management tools: Database Migration Service, Command Line Interface, CloudWatch, Certificate Manager and Identity and Access Management

Grow consists of this even more

Startup Development

We create insights through thorough research and a fundamental understanding of both user and business needs.

Support as a Service

We keep an eye on this with active monitoring. Should something go wrong, our engineers are immediately ready.

Conversion optimization

We optimize your platform with user behavior insights.

Amazon web services

Because you only pay for what you use, the solution is scalable and affordable.

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