User Interviews

You have a clear idea of what your product should be, but are you sure it's what your target audience wants? With user interviews, you uncover crucial insights for your successful digital product.

The success of digital products is determined, in part, by how well your product fulfills the needs and desires of end users in the context they are in at that moment. The sooner you involve end users in your product development, the greater the chance of acceptance, adaptation, and - our favorite - adoration. User interviews are conducted before you start building and are therefore one of the simplest and quickest ways to gain essential insights.

An candid conversation

You can think of user interviews as straightforward one-on-one conversations with your (potential) users. In these interviews, the researcher spends 30-60 minutes asking questions about a topic to gauge their thoughts on what they like, dislike, and dream about. It's about getting into their heads and understanding their needs, issues, and desires.

Why should I bother?

Imagine building a house without first asking the future residents what their dream home looks like. It sounds strange, doesn't it? User interviews are your way of mapping out the needs, desires, and requirements before you start designing and building. This is why user interviews are invaluable:

Sharper focus

Interviews provide insights into what users think, feel, and dream before you even start building. So, instead of stumbling in the dark when developing your product, you get a flashlight to illuminate the path, allowing you to deploy your design and development resources more accurately.

User Centered Design

Want to create something people love? Listen to them. User interviews guide your design process, ensuring that your digital masterpiece solves real problems and fits like a glove.

Validate assumptions.

Decision-makers often have an idea of how a product is used or how a certain (business) process works, which may not always align with reality. User interviews trade that uncertainty for cold, hard insights. Say goodbye to "he said, she said" debates.

Early stumbling blocks, no problem.

Discover potential stumbling blocks early and dodge them like a pro. User interviews expose issues before they can pile up, saving you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Innovation catalyst

User interviews are not just about delving into an identified problem. They are also about uncovering unspoken needs, opening doors to innovative features that can propel your product light-years ahead of the competition.

How we do it at Sping

At Sping, we involve users in every step of our process, and the earlier, the better. Whether it's a brilliant idea that is still in development or an enhancement of an existing product, conducting user interviews is valuable at every stage of product development. That's why we always start by conducting interviews with some of your key users. This way, we gain a clear understanding of their wants, needs, and any stumbling blocks. This ensures that we have the right insights in every step of the design process.

Ready to truly listen?

Accelerate your digital product development. User interviews are your secret weapon. They are your compass that guides you to a successful product. This is how you build something people truly want, need, and rave about.

Your digital product starts with understanding your users - it's the core of the ultimate solution. Let's dive in, listen, and build great things together!

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Melda Janse - UX Lead