Visions Connected: from startup to exit

10 years ago, Sping (Ventures) became a shareholder in VisionsConnected and witnessed the complete journey from startup to acquisition.

Specialists in audiovisual, videoconferencing and collaboration solutions join forces

Amsterdam and Stavanger, September 14, 2017 — Avedon Capital Partners announces that it has acquired Viju and VisionsConnected. Its ambition is to merge the two companies into a leading global player in the market for visual collaboration with a specialization in the design, installation, maintenance, and support of physical and virtual meeting environments for global customers with a strategic need for audiovisual, video conferencing, and collaboration solutions.

The combined company currently serves businesses and institutions in the public sector in over 100 countries. It has its headquarters in Amsterdam and will continue to serve its customers from various locations in EMEA, the United States, and the Asia Pacific region. It is expected that a new brand identity reflecting the evolution of the two renowned companies will be introduced in early 2018.

Also a Success Story for Sping

This acquisition is also a success story for Sping's expertise in startups and participation. In addition to software and business development, this is an important part of Sping's proposition. A mix that guarantees entrepreneurship and innovation.

10 years ago, Sping (Ventures) became a shareholder in VisionsConnected and has witnessed the complete development from startup to a mature company. In addition to its shareholding, Sping has supported VisionsConnected from the very beginning in terms of product development, software development for unique projects, R&D, and innovations in web and video technology.

"It has been a wonderful adventure to help build VisionsConnected from the beginning into the leading player it is today," said Jeroen Verdonk, director of Sping Ventures. "The journey from start-up to scale-up to this next phase in further international growth is a true success story, with all the dynamics it entails." – Jeroen Verdonk

Even after this acquisition, Sping will remain involved as a partner for software development and innovation. We would like to congratulate VisionsConnected and all other partners on this step.