The considerations for custom software

Before you make the choice, it's useful to discover the benefits of custom software. We list the most important advantages and considerations in this article.

You are looking for a total solution

Sometimes the total IT implementation behind the proposition does not (yet) exist. In such cases, not all requirements or demands are covered by a standard product. This requires the integration of one or more standard solutions, possibly supplemented with custom development. Such an integrated solution consisting of component products also makes management, support, and maintenance more complex. At Sping, we are accustomed to taking the lead in managing complex IT landscapes.

You need speed, agility and flexibility

Beforehand, we'd like to mention that we also don't intend to create everything from scratch. Our aim is to create a solid comprehensive solution that aligns with the customer's considerations. We achieve this by connecting knowledge, experience, semi-finished products, and existing services to create an integrated solution. Our goal is to keep the level of customization as small as possible.

We excel in developing what you need at different stages of the product lifecycle. By working Agile, we stay flexible and adaptable during development. This allows us to make adjustments based on changing or evolving insights, all for the benefit of the final result.

This provides the opportunity to introduce a service quickly and in stages: starting small with a proof-of-concept and then scaling and expanding based on user feedback.

You do not want to be dependent on the planning and choices of software suppliers

It's possible that a standard product largely meets your requirements but doesn't offer customization, rebranding, or multi-tenancy options.

Such modifications can be relatively expensive or take too long to implement due to dependencies on the supplier's product roadmap.

A different business model

With standard software and services, you pay for a license on a monthly or yearly basis, per user, download, or usage. The package, service, code, and in some cases, even the data remain the property of the supplier. Custom software, on the other hand, is your property and can potentially increase the value of your business. You can even transfer the code to a new developer to further expand your service.

ICT must adapt to my company, not the other way around

The introduction of standard applications often implies changes in working methods, processes, and procedures. You want ICT to seamlessly align with the desires, needs, processes, and organization of the company, not the other way around.

Early adopter and first movers with cutting edge technology

The solution requires innovative technology that only exists as a semi-finished product and is not yet available in a standard product for the foreseeable future.

Intellectual property

Especially for startups and new propositions, having full (intellectual) ownership of the code, service, and data is crucial. This is ensured with us.

Open Source Technology Stack

We develop using popular open-source languages (JAVA, Ruby-on-Rails, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS) and utilize tools and frameworks that are also commonly used by other development parties. This ensures there is no vendor lock-in. If you ever decide to transition, we would naturally be disappointed but the process can be carried out without any issues.