An improved user experience for Techniek Bedrijven

Techniek Bedrijven

Techniek Bedrijven is a foundation that matches students from technical universities with companies. They primarily do this through their annual event in Rotterdam, where 55 companies participate. Companies such as Philips, Arcadis, Picnic, Vattenfall, ING, and EY attend the event in hopes of finding new interns, trainees, and employees. Students register on the website and provide information about their studies, grades, interests, and extracurricular activities. The matching engine then connects students with companies.

The challenge

Every year, over 1000 students apply, but only 550 are invited to the event. The companies are looking for the best of the best, and Techniek Bedrijven prioritizes quality over quantity. The current homepage focuses solely on the event, but they also organize various other activities. Students can sign up for "inhousedagen" at companies like Microsoft, and there are business courses offered. They want to make these additional activities more apparent to their target audience.

The result

An improved user-experience

Armed with probing questions, sticky notes, and Figma, we designed the revamped user flow and homepage in just one week! The new user experience shows visitors that Techniek Bedrijven offers more than just an annual event. Together with the client, we defined the key users, explored their goals, desires, and requirements, and then designed a homepage that meets all those needs.

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Brent Rundberg - UX Designer