Sping partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is well-known for its activities as an e-commerce company for online shopping. Another component of is Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading player in on-demand cloud computing platforms. With Amazon Web Services, subscribers have access to the immense computing power of AWS, database storage, content delivery, and many other features that assist in building sophisticated applications with high flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Additionally, AWS offers a wide range of services including data analytics, developer tools, IoT tools, and more.

From user to partnership

Sping has been using these AWS services for many years for itself and its clients, including Pushcall (online customer contact with telephony, chat, and chatbots) and Talk360 (a global telecom company with millions of customers in over 180 countries).

After the successful implementation of the Waterdrinker e-commerce platform on AWS in 2018, our collaboration with AWS was formalized into a partnership. Sping is now an APN partner with accredited staff. In addition to technical (and commercial) benefits, Sping also gains a better understanding of the full scope of AWS offerings.

This allows us to better differentiate ourselves for our clients in implementing their applications on AWS cloud or migrating existing apps to the AWS cloud.