Sharing is caring: Design Sprint Meetup at Sping

Our New Year's resolution for 2019 is to share more knowledge from our beautiful office in Delft. We have a lot to share about Digital Product Design and Digital Product Development. Just yesterday, we hosted a successful meetup on Design Sprints, an initiative from the Delft Developers & Designers community.

Design Sprint is an effective method for experimenting with how customers and end-users respond to new ideas. Our Jochem van Engers (Head of UX and Strategy at Sping) kicked off the evening for the approximately 50 attendees. In his presentation, he took the audience through our approach and lessons learned about "Design Sprints in an Agile Development Company." Afterward, Paul Reijnierse from The Main Ingredient (Tikkie) and Anton Vanhoucke from Agilegrowth shared their approaches and lessons learned with Design Sprints.

Sping treats!

As hosts, we also had to treat our guests. In addition to pizzas and drinks, we shared...

5 tips for a successful design sprint:

  1. Focus on quick decision-making by defining clear roles. This ensures an efficient process.
  2. Focus on individual work. You don't have to be involved in everything.
  3. Focus on structured, time-boxed exercises over multiple days.
  4. Create a physical, visual memory. Use walls, post-its, and flip-overs to easily resume your work process.
  5. Focus on the most important lessons, fake the rest.