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We optimize your platform with user behavior insights.

This way we increase the conversion targets of your platform

We combine different methods of collecting feedback from users and user data, allowing us to answer critical questions with data. Our goal is to help you make data-driven decisions.

Our conversion optimization services:

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A/B testing

We use advanced A/B, multivariate and split testing to overcome barriers to conversion and reduce risk.

Together we choose which tests are worthwhile. We set up the A/B test and within a few weeks you will receive an analysis with recommendations.

When does A/B testing apply?

  • If you need figures to prove results;
  • For better results we need high site traffic (> 10K users per month) and basic conversion data.

User testing

During usability tests you will find out how your target audience uses your platform and what they think of it. Such a test is fairly simple to carry out and very valuable.

We organise and carry out the test. You will then receive a report with insights and follow-up steps. There are online and offline options for taking the tests with people in the office or remotely.

When do user tests apply?

  • If you want qualitative answers to your questions within a few days;
  • We need to have access to at least 5 people from your target group to be able to test with.

User interviews

User research helps us gain insight and ensure that we create products that are truly relevant to the target group.

We often start new projects with short interviews. This way we learn more about the needs and wishes of the user, what he/she is trying to achieve and what he/she is running into.

When do user interviews apply?

  • If you want to be sure, quickly, that we are going to solve the right problems;
  • Assumptions can also be misunderstood. We try to remain as neutral as possible so that users are not influenced by our opinions.
“During the cooperation with Sping, we were able to experience how many possibilities there are in terms of conversion and leads.

Jolien Broekhuizen, Product Owner @Kolibrie Next

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Case: convert visitors to leads

Visitors who were looking for great festival jobs were not immediately convinced to register on the website. To make the threshold even lower for these visitors, we have added logos of great festivals. As a result, users were more often and more easily convinced. We also added a form so that Kolibrie could reach the visitors when festival jobs were available again. This ensures that fewer people leave the website without doing anything, and more people actually sign up.

Want to know more about the festival logos A/B test for Kolibrie?

View A/B test case

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We make custom websites and apps. Through great user experiences we create valuable digital products and services for various industries. One of the most important components where we make a difference is understanding the end users. We immerse ourselves in their world for real life insights and to learn from them.

Together we strive for attractive and refreshing e-commerce that looks and feels good. Together we work on your success.

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Curious about the possibilities?

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Startup Development

We create insights through thorough research and a fundamental understanding of both user and business needs.

Support as a Service

We keep an eye on this with active monitoring. Should something go wrong, our engineers are immediately ready.

Conversion optimization

We optimize your platform with user behavior insights.

Amazon web services

Because you only pay for what you use, the solution is scalable and affordable.

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Door technische, design- en datagedreven ideeën te valideren, ontwerpen wij de beste oplossingen voor bedrijven en hun gebruikers. Zo creëren we maximale businesswaarde.



Met een multidisciplinair agile team werken we in sprints naar digitale producten, online platformen en/of mobiele apps. Daarna blijven we betrokken bij de doorontwikkeling.