Kolibrie Payroll

New employees on the payroll, 40 times faster.

Onboard employees 40x faster

Since 1994, Kolibrie has been the HRM specialist for the hospitality industry. Hospitality entrepreneurs can place their personnel under Kolibrie without having to worry about administrative tasks.

Kolibrie receives thousands of applications from new employees each year. Each of these is processed manually. Additionally, various types of (digital) time sheets are used extensively to ensure the payroll is correct every month for all clients. Meeting all legal requirements, various collective labor agreements (CAOs), and diverse customer preferences requires a significant amount of time and manual work.

We have developed a custom platform to assist both hospitality entrepreneurs and hospitality staff in navigating payroll processes more easily. With this, Kolibrie expects to make fewer errors, handle administration more quickly, and provide a clearer and more transparent process for both hospitality entrepreneurs and staff.

A streamlined registration and management system.

In an intensive collaboration with Kolibrie, we have designed a renewed service. From the outset, a multidisciplinary collaboration was formed between the teams of Sping and Kolibrie. Through various Design Sprints, we identified the bottlenecks in the existing processes and developed improvement proposals. These prototypes were repeatedly tested with restaurant and/or hotel owners, their employees, and Kolibrie's internal users.

The Kolibrie portal is here for everyone

The result is a payroll platform with three different interfaces:

  • Employers and Kolibrie administrators have access to a responsive web interface
  • Employees can utilize a mobile app
  • All connected to the new platform that integrates with their existing payroll system

We have developed a web application using Ruby on Rails, allowing hospitality entrepreneurs to create new contract offers for their employees. All customer agreements and collective labor agreement (CAO) rules are documented in the system. When creating a contract, this information is taken into account, ensuring that users can only select the appropriate options.

Subsequently, employees can accept contracts, update their information, and identify themselves using the iOS or Android app. All these actions are systematically tracked, enabling Kolibrie to provide optimal support to its clients and employees when needed.

What used to take a week, can now be done in 4 hours.

Hospitality entrepreneurs can now register a new employee within minutes without the assistance of Kolibrie. Additionally, new employees can receive and sign contracts more quickly through the app.

This also reduces a significant amount of work for Kolibrie, and results in fewer errors. The personal details of new employees are now directly verified and supplemented by the employees themselves. The verification of legal documents is also automated, and the signing of contracts is now done digitally.

The collaboration with Sping went exceptionally well! They listened attentively to our needs and preferences, allowing us to launch a great product in the market.

Paola Paymans Control & process / Product owner Kolibrie Payroll