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Kolibrie Payroll

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Kolibrie has been the HRM specialist for the hospitality industry since 1994. Hospitality entrepreneurs can place their staff at Kolibrie without having to worry about administrative work.

Kolibrie processes more than 10,000 registrations per year. Each one had to be processed by hand. With the software and app for employees that we have created with Kolibrie, registering an employee is now 40x faster! What used to take a week can now be done in 4 hours.


A streamlined registration and management system.

We started collecting information by watching the staff at the Kolibrie office and interviewing various experts. We found out that registering an employee took a lot of time. This is because many rules depend on the collective labor agreement and specific customer agreements that are not laid down in a standard way. In addition, hundreds of paper forms were filled out each year and retyped and employees had to come to the office to sign a contract. This method cost Kolibire a lot of time and was also very prone to errors.

Together with Kolibrie we redesigned the process. A new starting point is that a relation and employee can complete a registration completely independently.

We have extensively tested the design with customers of Kolibrie so that we are sure that the application works easily and pleasantly in practice.

Multi-sided platform

We have developed a web application with Ruby on Rails that allows hospitality entrepreneurs to make a new contract offer for their employees. All customer agreements and CAO rules are recorded in the system. This is taken into account when creating a contract so that a relationship can only choose the right options.

Employees can then accept contracts with the iOS or Android app, fill in their data and identify themselves. All these actions are recorded in a structured manner so that Kolibrie can optimally support its relations and employees in this if necessary.

In the future, the employee app will be further expanded so that employees can also write hours, view payslips, request leave, and much more.


What used to take a week can now be done in 4 hours.

Hospitality entrepreneurs can now register a new employee without the help of Kolibrie within minutes. In addition, new employees can receive and sign a contract faster via the app.

It also saves a lot of work for Kolibrie and there are fewer mistakes. The personal details of new employees are now directly checked and supplemented by the employee itself. Checking the legal documents is also automated and contracts are now signed digitally.

The first results exceeded all our expectations. The first hundreds of registrations with the new system take on average only 4 hours per registration where it previously took more than a week!

“The collaboration with Sping has been great! They listened carefully to our needs and wishes, so that we were able to market a beautiful product. ” – Paola Paymans, Control & process / Product owner Kolibrie Payroll

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