Open Source Technology

We use Open Source programming languages for the development of our platforms and apps.

Sping en Open Source technology

We develop and maintain platforms, software and other technologies in popular open source languages and use tools and frameworks that are also used by other development parties. As a result, we will never have a vendor lock-in and we are very flexible when it comes to realising technological solutions for our customers, nothing is impossible for us.

No open source programming language holds secrets for us. In addition, we are aware of the latest trends and are in the process of inventing new technological masterpieces for this. For example, our wizards are constantly working on topics such as VR, machine learning, IoT, cognitive cloud and blockchain.

We are happy to do this for you

HTML5 support, monitoring en updating

Onze Sping’ers zijn experts in HTML5 applicaties. Whether it’s your hybrid app, website or webshop, our specialists will be happy to help you.

CoffeeScript support and maintenance

The same result but with fewer lines of code. That’s the promise of CoffeeScript and if properly applied, CoffeeScript is an ideal option to use for application development.


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open source protocol for building web applications with which you can make calls, make video calls or exchange files. No 3rd party software is required, not even installation of updates or plugins.

Ruby on Rails maintenance and support

We are fans of RoR. The Ruby programming language offers the possibility of meta-programming, which Rails makes extensive use of. This results in code that is easy to read and easy to understand, maintain and expand.

AngularJS support, maintenance and management

We help you with AngularJS support and complex issues about the AngularJS framework. Our specialists have extensive experience in developing, managing and maintaining applications in AngularJS.

Android application support experts

We provide 24/7 Android application support and ensure a secure application. We relieve you of security concerns and make sure your Android application is always up to date.

Apple iOS support en applicatiebeheer

We offer everything needed to support the business, with continuity as the starting point. We provide 24/7 availability of your business-critical iOS applications.

NodeJS maintenance and support

We have extensive experience in developing, maintaining and monitoring applications in Node JS. Whether it concerns an existing or a new application, our specialists will be happy to help you.

Java support and maintenance

Does your Java application have too many complex structures that can no longer be maintained? Are you afraid that an adjustment in the code will trigger an endless series of bugs? Sping offers 24/7 Java support on your Java application. We maintain, monitor and update all your applications.

Also want to innovate with Open Source?

More and more companies are developing their online platforms and apps with Open Source technology.
You too?

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Agile Design and Development

A full cycle of planning, design, development, testing and rollout takes place every 2 weeks.

Multi-Sided Platforms

Create a new ecosystem through interactions and transactions from different groups on your platform.

Commerce Solutions

We help your customers, who are professional buyers, to optimally serve them during the process of orientation, purchase and fulfillment.

Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker Commerce OS is a state of the art modular platform to build your custom solution.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps with an eye for user experience and future-proofing.

Open Source Technology

You are not bound to a technology for a standard product with a clearly defined roadmap.

Virtual Reality for Business

At Sping, we have been familiar with the possibilities of VR for Business for some time through experience and fascination.

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Door technische, design- en datagedreven ideeën te valideren, ontwerpen wij de beste oplossingen voor bedrijven en hun gebruikers. Zo creëren we maximale businesswaarde.

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We meten en testen de resultaten om prestaties te verbeteren. We zorgen er met onderhoud en updates voor dat jouw digitale product optimaal blijft presteren. Wij ondersteunen je met support.