The most successful services are not only special user experiences because the design and implementation is good. Real value is created by solving the right problems and aligning this with the strategic business vision with laser focus.

Sping’s LEARN program provides the structure and tools to help your team discover and validate the most innovative possibilities.

For anyone who


✔︎ Want to create maximum business value

✔︎ Wanting to use a method in which learning comes first

✔︎ Looking to combine Design Thinking and Technical Validations

✔︎ Seeking to validate ideas with data

✔︎ Want to create use-centric solutions

Digital Strategy

Design Sprints

Design Research


Our track record

Case study: Kolibrie Next

Employment agency for the hospitality business

Connecting students and hospitality entrepreneurs for flexible side jobs.

We have created an employment platform for employers and employees with which Kolibrie Next can distinguish itself in the market by the simplicity, speed and convenience of service.

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