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Perfetti van Melle VR training

Perfetti van Melle
Perfetti van Melle
filmen met de virtual reality camera in china

Perfetti van Melle (PvM) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery. Well-known brands such as Mentos, Chupa Chups, Fruitella, and Klene are made by PvM, and are consumed in more than 150 countries.

In cooperation with BoldlyXR we have created an immersive educational VR experience using 360º video and an interactive training program.

This unique Virtual Reality Training platform, realized for the Risk Assessment Department, is seamlessly integrated into Totara, PvM’s e-learning platform. To make the right videos, a film shoot was held on location in one of their factories in Shanghai.

The benefits are significant: a drastic reduction in recurring training costs, more consistent training for all international employees, but above all safer working environments by demonstrably better-trained employees.

pvm filming china


Training effectively using VR

With more than 17,700 employees and 30+ factories, effective training was a challenge for Perfetti van Melle.

PvM has one of the best safety programs in the world. For these trainings, employees and experts were flown all over the world to get together and follow the trainings. However, this method resulted in high costs.

The goal was to make training more cost-effective, more consistent, and more fun.


A virtual factory

After extensive research, we came to the conclusion that the use of 360º video technology was the most logical choice to create the most realistic possible experience of a real factory. The on-site inspections require a certain degree of detail that is not easy to reproduce in a virtual 3D environment. No sooner said than done. We flew to Shanghai with the Boldy-XR team to stage safety training.

Together with the trainers, we have fully recorded the PvM factory with a state of the art 360º camera (the Jaunt).

VR Demo

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360º scene at PvM Shanghai

PVM main screen 1


Rich VR experience linked to E-learning platform

Instead of physical training, more than 30 VR goggles are now spread across PvM factories around the world, from Mexico to China. The end users can put on these VR glasses and follow the instructions of the trainers, as if they were in Shanghai. Together with the trainer they virtually walk through different factory spaces. Various safety aspects are explained by the trainer for each room. After the explanation, there is an interactive quiz mode in which the user has to spot potential safety issues in the virtual space.

We have set up our own middleware backend that communicates with the e-learning platform for the authentication of the employees and for updating the test scores. This allows the manager of the Risk Assessment department to track the progress of the employees.

PvM has launched the training on Google’s Daydream platform, with expansion to future systems in mind. The training courses have been translated into English, Mandarin Chinese, and Italian, the 3 most spoken languages within Perfetti.

PVM languages
pvm vr ui
Usage posture


Award-winning VR solution

The Virtual Reality training has been received with great enthusiasm and is seen as a much more effective method for training employees to become experts in the field of Risk Assessment.

Training is now more consistent and success rates have gone up.

In addition, many air kilometers, overnight stays, and consultancy costs have now been saved!

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