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Fetch Car Sharing

European Lease Company
European Lease Company

“Where Sping makes the difference is that despite the short development time they kept asking questions and challenging assumptions. That has resulted in a better solution than we could have come up with ourselves. ”

Marco Boender, CSO – Fetch Car Sharing

Best-in-market car-sharing platform:
Fetch car sharing

With Fetch car sharing you can rent one of the hundred shared cars in Amsterdam since 10 January 2019 directly via the Fetch app.

Based on previous experiences with our client European Lease Company (ELC), we have launched an entirely new car-sharing platform. With a fresh look, a new fleet and technical optimisations, Fetch is ready for the future.

In the Fetch car sharing app, customers can register in minutes and rent a car in 10 seconds through an automatic driver’s license check and keyless car entry. In addition, the design of the app is completely in line with the new brand Fetch.

fetch car view


Fetch wanted to be able to offer its services in multiple cities and with different types of vehicles. This allows Fetch to grow into a national concept in the coming years.

The new system has best-in-market identity theft protection using iDIN and because customers often reversed their direct debits, we added a credit card payment (via PayByLink). The new platform also has specific functions for business users so that they can get a separate invoice to declare.

Based on the existing Fetch logo, we have developed a completely new design to match. All colors, buttons, titles, and illustrations are handmade and custom made for Fetch. We have paid a lot of attention to the user experience. This had to be clear to both business users and families going on a weekend trip.

id control


  • New fresh design
  • Automated identity check: integration with iDIN
  • New payment methods: pay with credit card via PayByLink
  • Scalable hosting with a move to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • New functionalities: Support for business and private use, weekly rates.


More flexibility and the possibility to expand to different cities

On January 10, 2019, Fetch went live with great success. After 2 months, 10,000 journeys were made, far into Belgium and Germany. The internal organization receives fewer direct customer inquiries, so that it can focus even better on improving its services. We are proud to have been able to support Fetch to become a national player with their innovative platform.

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